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Any Way You Slice It: Pizza-Cutting Options for Dining Out

Hot Pizza Slice With Melting Cheese
A lot of factors go into your pizza order. Before you eat, you have to decide on toppings, sauce, and crust style. Once the pizza ingredients are chosen, you may think your selection process is over, but there is one more decision to make: selecting how you want your pizza sliced.
Many pizza restaurants have their own slicing methods depending on the size of the pizza, but requesting your own way of a slicing can make a big difference while dining out.
Browse through the following various slice options, and learn some of the best methods for hassle-free pizza enjoyment.

The Classic Triangle

The most traditional way to enjoy a pizza is by having it cut into a classic triangle shape. One of the best parts about the triangle-cut pizza is the equal size of slices. A majority of slices will remain the same size and the pizza is cut down into equal parts.
While on a date or dining with a friend, the pizza can be easily split among you. Another great part of the classic triangle shape is the first bite because you get to eat from the middle of the pizza out to the crust. As for toppings, the classic triangle is better for single topping pizza like mozzarella, pepperoni, or olives.


For larger pizzas, many restaurants choose to cut the pizza in a square pattern. Because of the circular shape of a pizza, the slices vary in size. The outer edges with crust may have small triangular shapes while the center pieces feature the standard square.
There are multiple benefits to ordering a square-cut pizza. For larger crowds, the smaller slices of the pizza are easier to disperse. Everyone gets a good amount and you feel like you're getting more pizza because you have more slices.
Square-cut pizza also works better when you order a pizza with a lot of toppings. With triangle slices, the extra toppings can weigh down the small tip of the pizza. With square slices, the toppings are evenly dispersed and you have a less-likely chance of dropping the meat lover's pizza onto your lap instead of into your mouth.


Choose to have your pizza sliced into small strips for an alternative option. Four to six inch strips of pizza are not only easy to grab and eat, but the pizza is ideal for dipping. You can dip pizza strips into all types of sauces that you order on the side of your pizza.
Popular options include ranch dressing, marinara sauce, and buffalo sauce. With a standard slice, only the start of the pizza and the crust may fit into a dipping cup. The strip cut slices allow you to dip each slice multiple times into the dip of your choice.
The pizza strips also make pizza an ideal appetizer or side option for large dinners. For example, you may start with a pizza cut into strips before your main course comes to the table.

Small Triangles

As adults, we can easily handle large pizza slices. Over the years, we've mastered how to properly fold pizza and support the weight with each bite. But children may not have the same luxury as they continue to develop motor skills and strength.
One of the best ways to order for a child is to double the cut of a traditional pizza. A regular eight- slice pizza would turn into 16 skinny slices. The pizza remains in the traditional triangle shape, but the triangles are a lot smaller and easy to hold on to.
For all types of pizza options, dine out with us at Camden House of Pizza. We have all types of pizzas and toppings available to order.


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