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7 Healthy Ideas When Eating Pizza

All Meat Thin Crust Pizza
Pizza is an all-time favorite for both young and old alike. Even if you're concerned about serving nutritious meals and snacks to your family, don't pass on this delectable offering. Whether you are dining out or choosing take-home pizza, you do have healthy options to consider. Here are ideas for nutritious and tasty pizza the whole family will enjoy.
1. Opt for a Thin Crust Pizza
While the thick crust and the Sicilian variety pizzas are quite popular and can offer nutritional benefits, thin crust pizzas might be a better solution for some. Remember that thick crusts and the deep-dish varieties often contain a higher calorie count, as well as extra carbs and fat. If you are counting carbs or trying to cut back on calories, a thinner crust can help you keep on track.
You'll consume less bread with the thin crust variety, reducing carbs and overall calorie count. Also, typically, the edges of a thin crust pizza are somewhat crispier than the deep dish, which gives it a great new flavor and experience. Ask your favorite pizza restaurant about thin crust selections they offer.
2. Carefully Consider Your Stuffed Crust
If calories are your main concern, think twice about ordering a pizza with a stuffed crust. While it can be tempting, stuffed crust pizza may contain higher saturated fats and oils. However, there may be exceptions, especially if the stuffed variety only contains veggies or mushrooms. Ask about ingredients in the stuffed crust before you place your order.
3. Choose Whole Wheat Instead
If you wish to add more whole grains and fiber to your diet, you'll probably want to consider ordering pizza made with a whole wheat crust. Whole wheat pizza may contain a decent amount of vitamins and minerals, as the dough from whole wheat flour is typically higher in protein than the white flour crust.
4. Think About Alternatives to Meat
Sometimes you would like a little substance to your pizza, but this does not always have to mean sausage, bacon, or pepperoni. Some meats may contain higher sodium and fat contents. For a healthier alternative, choose chicken for your topping. Be sure the chicken is grilled, however, rather than breaded.
Other than chicken, mushrooms can make a hearty substitute for meat. Mushrooms offer a satisfying texture and meaty substance, as well as added flavor. Additionally, mushrooms are a more nutritional option.
5. Don't Forget to Add Vegetables
When you want to be sure to get your servings of vegetables when dining on pizza, simply opt for the veggie variety. Veggie pizzas are typically made with a variety of healthy vegetables.
If you prefer, simply add only the vegetable topping or toppings you desire. Common pizza vegetable toppings include sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, and artichokes, so you are likely to find your favorites on the menu.
6. Be Mindful About Your Side Dishes
Whether dining out or choosing the carry-out option, you will probably find several choices for appetizers and side orders. Rather than choosing the high-calorie buffalo wings or the added carbohydrate content of bread sticks, consider healthier side options.
A side salad can be a healthy choice, but you need to be mindful about the dressings you choose. Consider adding a vinaigrette-based dressing to your salad rather than a cream-based variety, which often contains more sugar, sodium, calories, and fat.
7. Downsize Your Order
Portion control is crucial if you wish to count calories or you are watching your weight. Downsizing your portion may also help you cut back on fat, sodium, and carbs. If you typically eat three slices of pizza, cut back to two, or opt for a single slice with a healthy side salad.
Follow the above suggestions to eat healthier while enjoying pizza. If you have special dietary needs, don't hesitate to ask your server for substitutes or suggestions. Contact us at Camden House of Pizza to discover our healthier options today.


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