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3 Ways to De-Stress the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Planning

Table Set For Wedding Dinner
There are many traditional parts of weddings that modern couples love and want to keep. There are others, though, that not everyone has a use for. The rehearsal dinner is one of these traditions. For some couples, it's a wasted evening when few can spare the time. For others, it's a must-have part of the wedding weekend hype.
No matter how you feel about the rehearsal dinner idea, you can make sure it doesn't add stress or extra expense to your wedding plans. Here are a few ways to do that.
1. Adjust the Time and Date
Traditionally, a wedding rehearsal happens the evening before the ceremony. Then, after the rehearsal is over, the bridal party members eat a big, fancy dinner, give some toasts, and enjoy a party.
But you may not be able to spend this valuable time hosting a party when there's so much work to be done. You may also want to spend the night before your wedding alone or hanging out with your best friends. You may also worry that stress can ruin your fun that evening.
Solve all these problems by choosing a less conventional time for the dinner. Why not host it the weekend before the wedding or even two or three days early? In fact, it doesn't have to be a dinner at all. A brunch, lunch, or afternoon gathering gives the affair a new vibe and frees up your last-minute schedule. You generally can even save money and have more venue options if you choose an alternate time or day. 
2. Keep it Casual
The more perfect you try to make your big day, the more you'll have to stress over. And, whether or not you want a formal wedding, keeping the rehearsal dinner casual prevents you from adding to that pile of stresses. 
Casual can still be fun, of course. Put on some music and make space for a little dancing among friends. Introduce out-of-town guests to others so they feel more comfortable and welcome. Have guests share some private, funny anecdotes or toasts. Hire a musician or band or engage in some old-fashioned Greek plate smashing. The key is to help everyone relax and remember that this is supposed to be a fun time!
3. Host It at a Restaurant
You have enough to worry about with planning, decorating, and catering the actual wedding reception. The last thing most couples need to do is spend time planning a complex pre-party. Save the trouble and opt for a restaurant setting. Look for a restaurant with decor that already appeals to you. The employees will likely provide the setup and cleanup, the serving ware, the tables, and the ambiance. All you have to do is show up. 
The other great reason to use a restaurant is that you can provide a more diverse menu selection that pleases everyone. You can meet with the restaurant in advance to work out several choices to offer guests so as to better control or set the dinner budget.
Or, just let folks order from the regular menu as they wish. Restaurant menus are easy ways to provide a vegetarian and vegan option, kids' food, choices for picky eaters, and even adult beverages for the over-21 crowd. 
By following these few easy ideas, you can plan a rehearsal dinner that will be fun for everyone-including those still preparing for the big wedding day. At Camden House of Pizza, we know how to help any group have fun and enjoy a great meal together. Visit today to learn more about our venue, our menu, and our focus on making your guests happy. 


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